Client plans are catered to each individual. Every member will receive a personalized plan for exercises, nutrition, and behavioral coaching.

In-person Training

Currently based out of a gym in the Brentwood area, called Output Performance. At this facility, one-one-one sessions with clients focus on a total encompassing strength and conditioning program geared toward the golf swing. TPI movement assessment screen as well as workout volume is used to gauge progress of clients.

Specific focuses: 
• Correcting golf posture and technique
• Addressing muscle imbalances leading to pain
• Clubhead speed and power development

Partner and small group workouts available upon request (if time and space are available).

Hybrid Format

This format enlists both in-person sessions as well as the online format. This is for those who need the hands-on experience as well as the extra work throughout the week to improve their overall lifestyle.
Separate pricing options are offered based on how often a client wishes to train in person during a monthly basis.

Online Program

This option works best for clients that have varying schedules and limits on time (or not based in the STL area). With this format, the focus is on more overall health.
Step-by-step coaching apps are utilized to deliver workouts and focus on nutrition. Weekly accountability check-ins are used to make sure clients are motivated and keeping up with the program on their own as well as evaluate progress.

“Building better bodies into better golfers.”