Client plans are catered to each individual. Every member will receive a personalized plan for exercises, nutrition, and behavioral coaching. Weekly check-ins via phone calls, texts, and emails will be used to track progressions.

Individualized programs are built from years of learning and experience in the field of exercise science and performance enhancement (the legal way). Up-to-date research articles and client testimonials are how I continue to grow to better suit client needs.

I am not a registered dietician, therefore, I cannot legally give “diet plans”. I can however, lead clients in understanding basic nutritional needs. These will be programmed to specifics goes of weight loss, maintenance, or weight gain.

A positive aspect of remote fitness coaching is it allows the client to do the workouts on their own time and schedule… this can also become a downfall for some. Because of this, a major component of training online clients is inducing motivation. Certain techniques I’ve learned within the realm of sport psychology are in place to help clients reach their goals. RESULTS are expected to be reached by all.

My main objective in programming is NOT to help clients shave strokes off their scorecard, but to improve their general wellness. With my services, you will feel better before, during, and after rounds… this will result in better enjoyment in the game of golf. Which should in-turn, increase the frequency and duration of golf you are capable of playing; potentially making you better.