Ball Striker Fitness is a licensed affiliate retailer of the hottest distance gaining golf performance tool on the market! The science behind the clubs and the training protocols is why they are chosen by hundreds of PGA touring pros and even more amateur golfers across the country.

SuperSpeed Golf Training Program utilizes the premise of overspeed training to help you increase speed and power. This type of training is being used across many different sports. After a few weeks of consistently training, you will see a difference in your golf swing and will result in more distance throughout the entire golf bag. In as little as 4 weeks, an average increase of 7% can be seen*. Leave your competitors in the dust!

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  • 2018 and 2019 MyGolfSpy Editor’s Choice Award for Top Full Swing Training Aid
  • MyGolfSpy 59 Coolest Products of 2019

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* These results have been given by SuperSpeed Golf Training System’s preliminary studies. Results may vary on an individual basis.