Terms and Conditions
Legal Notice


The undersigned individual is hereby complying with the following terms and conditions.

Membership program with Ball Striker Fitness is to start upon completion of medical history questionnaire, agreement and payment for membership contract, and signature of current terms and conditions document.

Subjects under the age of 18, must receive release of approval by a parent or guardian before client programming.


The member attests that they are fully capable to participate in an exercise program or obtain clearance from a medical doctor without any undue risk before starting.

All known conditions and diagnoses must be presented to Ball Striker Fitness within medical history questionnaire.

Limitation of Liability:

Ball Striker Fitness staff is not in any form to give medical diagnosis or treatment. Proper specialists in their respective fields should be consulted in extreme conditions.

Membership programs may include at risk exercise regiments for clients. Ball Striker Fitness is not responsible for any bodily harm or property damage due to client exercises. This includes medical bills or repair costs. Members are responsible for their own bodies, equipment, and facilities being used for client programs.

Membership Dues and Cancellation:

The member is responsible for payment via credit card or cash/check in advance for the agreed upon contract duration (i.e. three/six months).

Cancellation of said contract may forfeit payment that was originally agreed upon till end of term.

Dire emergency situations may arise that are deemed appropriate and non-forfeiting payment by Ball Striker Fitness. Terms include but are not limited to: medical condition diagnoses, loss of job, or other predicament that may be deemed appropriate for dismissal.

Privacy Policy:

Ball Striker Fitness is to collect personal information about clients which will include name, address, phone number, email, body measurements, and payment information. Said information will be kept under secure electronic storage for business needs and communication. For no reason whatsoever will information be viewed or given to any other parties.

Images given via email or posted to social media may be used for advertising purposes upon agreement from participating client with anonymity being kept if so chosen.


All posted content via webpage and social media outlets including written prose, pictures, and video are property of Ball Striker Fitness. Said documents may be shared by individuals upon release by Ball Striker Fitness.